This chapter debates the role biography plays in understanding literary texts. It considers the ways the Brontës developed their craft, their influences and the contemporary critical reception of the works.


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Audio Summary

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The summary covers the main points in the chapter, downloading them and listening will remind you of the content of the full chapter.

Using the summaries here as a starting point you can develop your own unique study guide.

Respond to questions/themes raised in the summary using the following:

  • The novel – find evidence to support your point, you don’t have to agree with the speaker but you will require evidence. Find examples, read passages to illustrate your points
  • Other sources – who are the critics? Look in the Further Reading section for some suggestions to start with
  • Class notes, use what you have learned and discussed
  • Essay questions – you can use a practise question as a place to begin developing a response, this can be done in small groups or individually.

Once you have your evidence this can be recorded and combined with the material from the audio summary, generating a revision tool purpose built by you. Download the summary mp3 into an editing programme, once you have it on a timeline you can easily add in your own information to meet your particular needs.

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