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Close Up: Animation (Part One)

Jane Lee is an award winning animator. Her work is intimate, moving and beautiful. We spoke to her at Civic Trust House in Cork.

Q1. How would you describe your work on a daily basis?

Q2. You started out as a model maker - how do you get to be a professional model maker? What influenced you and attracted you to this form?

Q3. What comes first for you a character or a story?

Q4. Do you enjoy commission work as much as developing your own ideas? Do they draw on different skills?

Q4b. What was it like to get your first comission?

Q5. You have in the past run stop motion courses. Are you still involved in education?

Q6. Animation in Ireland is booming – what is like to be part of such an exciting profession?

Q6b. How important has international recognition been to you?

Q7. What advice would you give to animators starting out?

Q8. Is 'work more fun than fun' for you?

To see more of Jane Lee's beautiful work just follow at the links below.

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