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Close Up: North West Film Archives

We spoke to Geoff Senior - Collections Assistant from the North West Film Archive in Manchester, and found out about the work done at the archive and why its so important.

Job Description

The North West Film Archive

Q1 How did you get into this kind of work?

Q2 What sort of material does the NWFA hold? How far back does that go? Tell us more about the Mitchell and Kenyon work held at the archive.

Q3 How does the archive acquire material?

Q4 Why is it important to gather this material?

Q5 What services does the archive offer?

Q6 How important is public awareness?

Q7 What challenges does the digital age pose to the archive? Is the archive making use of outlets such as YouTube?

For more information about the extensive work done at the NWFA, including public screenings, educational visits and online resources see the website.

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