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Close Up: Science on screen: Advising on Prometheus

Train Of Thought Productions spoke to Dr. Hugh Mortimer Science advisor on Ridley Scott’s recent blockbuster Prometheus. We talked to him about science on film, TV and the ‘Brian Cox effect’.

Advising on Prometheus

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Q1. Why does good/accurate science on the big screen matter?

Q2. Why does it matter if it's fiction?

Q3. What was it like being a Scientific advisor on Prometheus?

Q4. How did you get to work on Prometheus?

Q5. How long were you working on Prometheus for?

Q6. Were you the only scientific advisor?

Q7.Does your background take away any of the pleasure when watching science fiction?

Q8. If you are enjoying the narrative would you turn a 'blind eye' to 'bad science'?

Q9. Does it concern you that there are those out there that are not aware that these things do not match the real physics?

Train Of Thought Productions was speaking to Dr. Hugh Mortimer.

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